Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared if and when a public health catastrophic event should occur? You and your family can better prepare by following these 3 easy steps:

Stay Informed – Learn the protective measures to take before, during and after an emergency

Make a Plan– Prepare a plan that is right for you

Build a Kit– build a kit for disaster so you and your family are prepared.

For more information on personal preparedness visit http://www.ready.gov/
Montgomery County Public Health’s Role:

  •  Assure surveillance systems to rapidly identify level of exposure.
  • Maintain a plan for Points of Dispensing (POD) sites.
  • Maintain a plan to reach high-risk populations throughout the County.
  • Develop and issue Public Service Announcements.

Montgomery County Public Health has a plan.
If and when a public health catastrophic event should occur, the delivery of vaccines, medications, and antidotes to our local population is a critical life-saving measure. The following preventive measures would be implemented immediately :

  • A request would be made by the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • The designated officials would request Federal Assistance from the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).
  • The SNS would be sent to Region 6/5 South (State).
  • Region 6/5 South would deliver the medications to Montgomery County Public Health identified Point of Dispensing (POD) sites.
  • Montgomery County Public Health and Medical Reserve Corps would distribute the medicines to Montgomery County citizens.


What is a Point of Dispensing (POD) site?

If a bioterrorist attack or widespread disease outbreak ever occurs, Montgomery County Public Health will open temporary emergency “Points of Dispensing” (POD) sites at strategic locations throughout the community to provide emergency medication to protect against the threat. The PODs are only authorized and equipped with medication and/or medical services that are specific to the identified threat, and will therefore only provide medication/services to prevent or treat the disease threat.

To learn more on the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) please visit the CDC’s page at http://www.cdc.gov/phpr/stockpile/stockpile.htm